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Adventures in India Part 3


The Taj Mahal, one publication I read described it as, “The best building in the world… period.” Those are very strong words and as I made the short train ride from Delhi to Agra I found myself wondering if I was going to be dissapointed. When I arrived I was picked up by a local Indian I had met on a flight to Toykyo months ago. His wife and himself chauffered me around the town and as we entered the East Gate of the Taj I began to get butterflies in my stomach. I was really about to see what it was all about. 

Despite all the hype, it was as magnificent if not moreso, than I could have possibly imagined. 

I approached it as the desert sun began to set. The light laid a soft yellow glow on the massive white marble structure. There were intricate colorful flower carvings all over the mausoleum, there is no way that architects today would have the fortitude or patience to build something so magnificent. Hoiwever, what really caught my attention was what the Taj stands for. Most of the great monuments in the world are built to honor gods or great dieties. The Taj was built as a monument to a wife, woman, and mother. On a deeper level, the Taj was built to symbolize the power of love.

I have not had a relationship in my life with a woman that has moved me to that kind of level as of yet. However, to see a monument as fascinating as the Taj was awe inspiring to see what the power of love can make possible. As I looked deeper into my life and started seeing the order I have begun to realize that I have no shortage of love. However, it is all in different forms: my mother, father, sisters, mentors, friends, colleagues, and even the random people I meet on plane rides to far away places. 

Love is the most unifying field in the universe. Many of my mentors describe love as support and challenge, so when you break everything down and see implicate order in the universe, all that there is is love. Love is light, just like support and challenge balancing each other out to creat love, all the colors of the spectrum blend together to form white light. Have you ever noticed when you are really attracted to someone they seem to have a glow, or they emit a higher energy? They are emitting light, they are emitting love. 

What dims that bright light bulb? The biggest obstacle in emitting high energy, light and love is resentment. It can come in many forms you can resent your girlfriend for always being messy, resent your mother for being to nosy, or even resent your own body for not being as sculpted as you would like. Resentment is like a polarizing filter, we can still receive some of the light but not in it’s truest and purest form. When you are upset with a loved one sometimes it becomes difficult to see all of the light, or see the forest through the trees. 

I know in my own life giving up resentment is one of the hardest things to put into practice. It requires putting your ego down and becoming vunerable. I know that for myself personally, relationships have not worked out in my life because time and time again I refuse to put down my resentment because that means I have to become vunerable. However, if you see the order, vunerability is the ultimate power in the universe because it takes courage. 

There are so many reasons for not giving up resentment: you get to be right, you get to dominate, you get to hold a grudge against someone. However, take a deeper look and see the order. Is holding on to that resentment worth losing a relationship, worth not shining your brightest? Take a look and may all of your bulbs be bright.

Dr Matthew Horkey
Dr Matthew Horkey
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