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Adventures in India Part 5

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I must say there was so much hype about Kashmiri carpets that I felt there was no way that their quality could merit all of the good praise. I stepped into a shop simply because I felt it was necessary to at least look at them while I was in the area.

What I found completely blew me away. I was taken through a demonstration of the patterns and how they are handmade. Every single carpet is different and different families use their own unique designs. A single person makes each carpet and it can take them anywhere from 7 months to 2.5 years to complete a single carpet. As the carpets were laid out before me I found their beauty to be simply incredible. Each carpet was unique in its own way. The designs were so intricate and they had this magnificent shimmer about them. They reflected light in such a unique way and the color even changed as you laid the carpets at different angles. I was even encouraged to walk on as many of them as I could as much as I wanted because it would increase the value of the carpet. I was told that if you want to hang them on the wall you should walk on them for several months because the foot traffic actually allows the colors and the patterns to become more rich and beautiful. 

Then there was the kicker, each carpet was guaranteed to last three generations. That’s right, 300 to 350 years with everyday use! That was absolutely mind boggling to me. The fact that one person can work extremely diligently for 7 months to 2.5 years and create something that can withstand rigorous everyday use for 300 to 350 years!

What I find to be even more incredible is the fact that each and everyone of us has that ability, not to make Kashmiri carpets, but to create something that can go beyond ourselves and last generations. Some of the more successful business men today create business plans that extend beyond the traditional 5 to 10 year plan. One of the richest and most successful man in China created a 300 year business plan for his company. When asked how he was going to carry out such a monumental task, he simply answered, “With patience.”

I believe we are all here to shine and create something that magnificent. Whether it be a business, a product, or family. The magnitude of our life is dependent on the magnitude of our cause. Think of some of the great men throughout history and you can see this in action: Edison and the light bulb, Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa, and even your own great grandparents right down to you. 

We all have that power and the beauty of it is that each and everyone of us will create something unique. Just like the carpets, they can be similar but not the same. That is because each and everyone of us is different. 

I urge everyone to dig deep and find that something to be world class at. Whether it be to build a big business or be the best father you can be. Look inward long and hard and I believe you can find it. BJ Palmer the developer of Chiropractic said it best.

“Genius is not the secret of few, it is buried in all.”

Dr Matthew Horkey
Dr Matthew Horkey
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