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Adventures in Indonesia

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I have been very fortunate and blessed to live my dream everyday of spreading natural health and healing around the world. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience in Jakarta, Indonesia. The thing that I love the most is opening people’s minds and exposing them to a whole new world of what’s possible for themselves and others around them. That is why today was so exciting, I was about to give my first health awareness seminar. Teaching people the secret to attaining true health and full self expression.

My marketing manager and I worked meticulously in preparation for the workshop. She ordered chairs to be brought in for people to sit, as well as food and snacks for everyone. I was very inspired to see her working so hard in helping my brainchild come to fruition. About an hour before the seminar was to begin we had twelve confirmed attendees. Everything was falling into place, I was ecstatic. Could everything really be this easy? 

Then everything hit, I had trouble getting my presentation to display on the monitor, we got several calls for cancellations and it was reaching 7pm and still no one had arrived. Three people trickled in and I waited for 20 more minutes to see if anyone else was coming. I could not put it off any longer, I had to begin. 

My biggest passion is to transform the way people look at the world through the power of spoken word. Words have the ability to change us, gifted speakers dip their brush into linguistic paint and paint a beautiful canvas that begins as something abstract, and then becomes a beautiful piece of art. They know how to use language in a way that can touch people like a performing artist. Just like the musician, words can touch people in the same way a beautiful piece of music can dance through the soul effortlessly with ebb and flow.

My dream is to become that masterful in the art of speaking. I began the talk with this beautiful vision, however I had to speak and have my assistant translate every other sentence. It was the first time I have had the experience of a translator when speaking. I was totally thrown off my game.

When you speak you begin to get into a rhythm and the goal is to get to a point where words are just flowing out of you. Almost like playing a sport and getting into the “zone”. Where everything flows and it feels like whatever you say can touch people. However, speaking with a translator was like being stuck in a series of traffic lights with a driver that is brake and gas pedal happy. Add onto that the fact that people were gradually filing in as the talk transpired, opening the door to my small reception room and throwing off the rhythm of the talk. Throughout the talk, my translator’s cell phone went off three times, throwing her off as well. I felt like I was about to experience a multiple car pileup. 

It was difficult to hold it together and I could feel the heat start to build under the collar of my fine fitted black suit. In the end I put it together and closed with a story of how Chiropractic has touched my life by helping my sister overcome her bout with Hyperthyroidism. That triggered something in the crowd, when you speak you can feel when you hit certain points that move the crowd and call them to action. 

In that moment one of my patients stood up. She had arrived at the tail end of the presentation and asked if she could give a testimonial. I had only seen her for four visits and really had no idea of the progress she was making; especially since she does not speak perfect English by any stretch of the imagination. 

She began to tell her story about the weakness in her legs and back ever since she started having children. She described how she has been to Neurologists, Medical Doctors, and Acupuncturists before with no help. She was beginning to give up. Her husband brought one of our brochures to her and she decided to give it a try. In only four visits she not only began to feel better, but she began to start working out with her husband again. If you have ever been in the room when somebody spoke with great passion about something they care about, you know that the energy in the room transforms. It is a feeling that few can rival. Her story was so powerful and she spoke with so much passion that it brought some of the audience to tears. 

I was incredibly shocked that she stood up in front of everyone and shared a story that I knew nothing about. All of the complications and obstacles that I had faced in giving that presentation melted away in seeing that woman’s life touched; as well as seeing her touch the lives of everyone else in the room. 

BJ Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic once said, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” 

Are you willing to do what it takes to have the two come together? The challenges are many, however when you are willing to do what it takes, you can add immeasurable value to the lives of those around you. I promise you it is a feeling that you will never forget.

Dr Matthew Horkey
Dr Matthew Horkey
Author | Speaker | Wine Enthusiast

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