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Adventures in New Zealand Part 2

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The first leg of my adventure has been a challenging one. I really had to apply everything I have been writing about the last two and half months and put it into practice.

After the amazing conference over my first weekend I found out that my credit card had been locked and my debit card numbers had been stolen. I sat in my friend’s house for three days with no money and just itching to get out and explore. It was really frustrating to travel this far only to be confined to a small suburb outside of Auckland while I waited for a new debit card to be mailed. Not only that, my bank was not to helpful throughout the process. My card arrived three days later than promised. 

Once I finally got on the road I tried to rush to the first destination, Lake Taupo, the skydiving capital of the world. As I was awaiting my first skydive I was informed that there was no way we could go today due to the high winds. It was especially frustrating looking outside and seeing the crystal clear weather with not a cloud in the sky. 

I had chosen to move along and make my way to Tongariro National Park, home of “Mt. Doom” from the Lord of the Rings triology. It is there that the location of reputable the “best daywalk” in New Zealand resides. Upon arrival I was informed at the office that the daywalk, an alpine crossing, would probably not be navigable for the next few days due to fierce winds. 

I searched from guesthouse to guesthouse for a bed to no avail. It seemed as if the whole tiny town had been booked up. Thought had began to creep into my head. Should I have just stayed in southeast Asia instead of heading this way? New Zealand was much more expensive than I had expected and the early spring months made for short days, sun usually set at 6pm. I then began to become quite frustrated with everything. Feelings of resentment came into play and I kept asking myself if I made the right choice. In that moment I settled down and made myself see the order. 

Since my card had come so late, my friend was able to negotiate a deal to get me a very inexpensive rental car. On top of that, I am beyond lucky to even be able to travel and take in all the experiences I have had thus far. 

It is amazing what happens once your mindset and state of being changes…

The next day the crossing at Tongariro National Park opened up. Not only that, there was not a cloud in the sky and the weather was beautiful, albeit a bit cold. The national park is absolutely stunning. Upon a flat plateau sits three volcanoes that just shoot up out of the earth. The three volcanoes sit in a straight line and each get progressively taller, with the perfect symmetrical cone of Mt. Ngauruhoe (Mt. Doom) straddling the middle. 

The climb up the crossing in the winter conditions were amazing. We went from brush, to volcanic fields, to high alpine environement. As we strapped on the crampons we headed up the 60 degree slope braving wind gusts that reached 40 mph at times. We were rewarded with a beautiful summit on the red crater. The summit was not snow covered due to the fact that the volcano is a slumbering giant, exploding several times in the last decade. We were also rewarded with incredible views of the other two volcanoes and the surrounding snow capped ridges. The adventure had really begun, this is what I came for. 

Often we have a breakthrough and feel as if we have arrived. The truth is, we never arrive. Breakthroughs and transformation are not a one time thing. To live a powerful life we have to continuously look at who we are “being” and know how to get back on the track when the train occasionally de-rails and de-rail it will. 

Keep looking, keep living.

Dr Matthew Horkey
Dr Matthew Horkey
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