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Adventures in Thailand Part 2

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After a huge breakthrough in the mountains of India why not go for a second in Thailand?

After a quick stop back in Bangkok, I boarded a train and headed for the mountains of north Thailand. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how bad my seats were. A 3rd class seat, with no AC, in a car packed to the seams, in extremely hot and humid weather. The 14 hour overnight train ride turned into a 17 hour no sleep, fun-filled extravaganza. 

Upon arrival in Chiang Mai I met up with three Brits and one Frenchman whom I had encountered just a few days before in central Thailand. The five of us, two Italians, a French couple, and our Thai guide strapped on our packs and headed into the jungle for a 3-day trek. 

The first day was a lot more challenging than I thought it was going to be. Sloshing through the mud all day, I stuggled to make one of the climbs due to the uneasy footing. I fell no less than a dozen times, including a nice landing straight on my back. Despite all the early challenges and frustrations, the trek was absolutely incredible. I got to ride an elephant, a bamboo raft, kill and eat a venomous spider, make my own bowl and chopstocks out of a bamboo tree, and interact with the local people. In fact, the first place we stayed was a one family “village,” and the second night we stayed in a 7-family village. 

The first night the locals even let some of us go night hunting with them. It was incredible to see how skilled they were. Their guns reminded me of old civil war muskets. They even let me take a shot (unfortunately I missed.) Our breakfast the next morning consisted of their victims. Flying squirrels do not taste exceptional.

We were having a great time getting to know each other. We had a special moment the first night when one of the Frenchmen, the two Italians, myself, and our Thai guide sat down late at night and struggled to communicate with one another. 

The biggest breakthrough came for me after dinner on the second night. Often when I travel and people ask for more clarification on what I do, it becomes difficult. This is because often there is a slight language barrier. At times such a powerful message of what I do gets lost in translation. This tends to get frustrating and at times puts me in a state of resignation. 

As we were all sitting down I began an in depth conversation with one of the English girls about the philosophy not only of chiropractic, but life and human relationships as well. As we started talking more and more I began to go even further into details of why I do what I do, and the keys and tools available to eveyone to be healthier and more fully self-expressed. I had really gotten on a roll.

I paused for a second and looked around. The whole energy around us had changed. Everyone had their eyes on me. As I continued, everyone started asking me more and more questions. What was more interesting, was the fact that the Italians, French, and single Thai were just as engrossed and interactive as the English. One of the French told me that she was very thankful for what I shared and even though she couldn’t follow me completely, that she now knew what I was really all about and wished me the best of luck.

In that moment I became extremely present to something: when you have a message coming from a place of purpose, certainty, and love it will transcend a great many things, including language.

You hear it in a variety of different phrases: the magnitude of your life is dependent on the magnitude of your purpose, he with the most certainty wins, and love conquers all. I am here to say that each one of those is absolutely true. When you come from a place of sheer being, and share an authentic message that comes from the heart with purpose and certainty, you will become a more effective communicator than you can possible imagine. 

Communication is a lost art. There has never been a time in human history where we have more technology to connect us, but we are less connected than we have ever been. Many times with loved ones, relationships begin to become rocky because communication breaks down. I urge you all to continue to be clear in your communication. When you speak, speak with purpose, certainty and love in your heart. 

And if you have a message that you need to share with the world… 

Don’t hold back.

Special thanks to: Mad, Terri, Julian, and Chris

Dr Matthew Horkey
Dr Matthew Horkey
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