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Graševina Without Borders: Eight Wines To Try

Croatia Grasevina Vineyards

Reading Time: Graševina is a Central/Eastern European white grape with unclear origins. It has many names around the region. In Austria, it’s known as Welschriesling, in Hungary as Olazrizling, and in Slovenia as Laški Rizling. In Serbia, it has two names Grašac and Italian Riesling. While there is no agreeable name for the grape, Jancis…

Zagreb VINOcom: Gems from Croatia’s Largest Wine Show

Reading Time: Six months after our first trip through Croatia, we found ourselves back in the country. This time we attended the Zagreb VINOcom, the largest Croatian wine show. Over 200 Croatian wine producers were present, along with many culinary stalls featuring cured meats, smoked fish, and other local food specialties. The show is held…