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Cracking Croatian Wine A Visitor Friendly Guide

This book is meant to be a practical guide for people who enjoy wine either casually or with great curiosity and vigor.

The most common problem encountered by wine lovers when visiting a wine country is how to spend their limited amount of time in the area sifting through the many wines and producers. Add that to the challenges of figuring out where to buy wines, what varieties are grown, and what the bottle labels in a foreign language mean, and the adventure of discovering a new wine country may appear rather daunting.

Cracking Croatian Wine is our way of helping wine lovers save time, money, and effort. This book will provide the pertinent information to help wine tourists get started on exploring Croatian wines and identifying the types of wines they will enjoy.

You Will Learn:
– An Introduction to Croatia: An overview of Croatian wine history, wine regions, general climatic and geographical features, Croatian cuisine, and styles of wine available to complete the gastronomic experience.

Wine Grapes in Croatia: A rundown of the native and international wine grapes planted in Croatia, along with a pronunciation guide to help you order wine like a local.

Wine Label Interpretation: Croatian wine labels can have a lot of information on them. In this book, we offer a guide to understanding every line on the label.

Wine Recommendations: More than 150 wine recommendations, complete with tasting notes.

Featured Wine Personalities: These people will offer insights into the existing wine culture and the prospect of Croatia as a wine destination.

Sasa Says: Sasa Spiranec, renowned Croatian wine writer, offers an insider’s look at Croatia’s wine regions.
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Cracking Croatian Wine: A Visitor-Friendly Guide – Media Kit