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Cracking Croatian Wine A Visitor Friendly Guide

This book is meant to be a practical guide for people who enjoy wine either casually or with great curiosity and vigor.

The most common problem encountered by wine lovers when visiting a wine country is how to spend their limited amount of time in the area sifting through the many wines and producers. Add that to the challenges of figuring out where to buy wines, what varieties are grown, and what the bottle labels in a foreign language mean, and the adventure of discovering a new wine country may appear rather daunting.

Cracking Croatian Wine is our way of helping wine lovers save time, money, and effort. This book will provide the pertinent information to help wine tourists get started on exploring Croatian wines and identifying the types of wines they will enjoy.

You Will Learn:
An Introduction to Croatia: An overview of Croatian wine history, wine regions, general climatic and geographical features, Croatian cuisine, and styles of wine available to complete the gastronomic experience.

Wine Grapes in Croatia: A rundown of the native and international wine grapes planted in Croatia, along with a pronunciation guide to help you order wine like a local.

Wine Label Interpretation: Croatian wine labels can have a lot of information on them. In this book, we offer a guide to understanding every line on the label.

Wine Recommendations: More than 150 wine recommendations, complete with tasting notes.

Featured Wine Personalities: These people will offer insights into the existing wine culture and the prospect of Croatia as a wine destination.

Saša Says: Saša Špiranec, renowned Croatian wine writer, offers an insider’s look at Croatia’s wine regions.

Want to learn more about and experience Croatian wine?


vitkor cikes

An interesting, reliable and useful guide. The thing that came to my mind when I read Cracking Croatian Wine was that I would like to see a book like this about the wines of Serbia.

Viktor Čikeš
Editor /
amanda barnes

Croatia is a hard one to crack... but Cracking Croatian Wine is a quintessential A-Z to help you get to grips with the myriad of native grape varieties, wine regions and top producers.

Amanda Barnes
Award-winning wine writer, journalist, and online communicator / Around the World in 80 Harvests
simon woolf orange wine amber wine revolution

Unstuffy writing that manages to pack in the facts without talking down to anyone is much rarer in the wine world than it ought to be. Cracking Croatian Wine won’t scare anyone off, be they complete wine novice or a pro sommelier. It presumes only the same enthusiasm and curiosity about wine that Matthew and Charine so ably demonstrate.

Simon Woolf
Award-winning English wine and drinks writer / The Morning Claret


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Want to learn more about Croatian wine?

croatia wine regions

Step 1: Read our articles about the wines of Croatia.

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Step 2: Check out our Croatian wine playlist on YouTube.

***Note: Please forgive our mispronunciations in the older videos. We’ve learned to speak better Croatian now!

Introduction to the wines and wine travel in Croatia 

  • Croatian Wine 101   [Watch Now]
  • Bogan’s guide to wine: Interview with Dr Matthew Horkey and Charine Tan   [Watch Now]

Videos about the best wines of Croatia

  • Cracking Croatian Wine, ft. the wineries Bire, Coronica, Legovina, and Miloš   [Watch Now]
  • Orange wines / Amber wines from ex-Yugoslavian countries, ft. Bibich Winery   [Watch Now]
  • Croatian sparkling wine, ft. wineries Šember, Tomac, and Zure   [Watch Now]
  • Croatian rosé wine, ft. wineries Senjanović, Vinarija Rak, and Volarević   [Watch Now]
  • Croatian amber wines/orange wines, ft. wineries Tomac, Krauthaker, and Bibich   [Watch Now]
  • Red blends from the Istria wine region of Croatia, ft. the producers Clai, Damjanić, Domaine Koquelicot, Kozlović, Matošević, Roxanich and Trapan   [Watch Now]
  • Top Croatian Bordeaux blends, ft. wineries Bibich, Boškinac, Coronica, G&J, and Petrač   [Watch Now]
  • Croatia’s minimal-intervention/natural wines, ft. wineries Roxanich and Piquentum   [Watch Now]
  • Croatian wines produced by Vina Laguna in Istria   [Watch Now]
  • Top Croatian wines by Boškinac and Bibich versus great Italian reds   [Watch Now]
  • Value-driven Croatian red wines, ft. Vina Laguna, Badel, and Vrsaljko   [Watch Now]
  • Ivančič Portugizer Barrique (Blauer Portugieser) from the Plešivica wine region in Croatia   [Watch Now]
  • Josić Ciconia Niga Cuvée Superior from Vinogorje (Wine Hill) Baranja   [Watch Now]
  • Macerated white wine: Clai Ottocento Bijeli from the Istria wine region   [Watch Now]
  • Matošević Grimalda White (Chardonnay, Malvazija, and Sauvignon Blanc)   [Watch Now]
  • Croatian wines produced by G&J Vinarija, Vina Laguna, and Clai Vinarija   [Watch Now]
  • Premium Croatian wines from wineries Matuško and Boškinac   [Watch Now]
  • Living like Anthony Bourdain: wine-pairing meal at Bibich winery in North Dalmatia [Watch Now]
  • Grgić Vina (by Miljenko “Mike” Grgich) in Trstenik town, Pelješac Peninsula   [Watch Now]

Videos about the native wine grapes of Croatia

  • Plavac Mali and Grk from Križ Winery    [Watch Now]
  • Plavina and Lasina from Dalmatia ft. wineries Sladić and Baraka   [Watch Now]
  • Croatian white wine made from Pošip, ft. wineries Radan, Volarević, and Stina  [Watch Now]
  • Croatian white grapes from Dalmatia: Debit and Maraština   [Watch Now]
  • Gegić from the island of Pag, and tasting a Gegić white wine produced by the winery Boškinac   [Watch Now]
  • Malvazija from Istria, ft. wineries Poletti, Fakin, and Roxanich   [Watch Now]
  • Istrian red wines made from the grapes Refosco and Teran, ft. Degrassi, Cattunar, and Veralda   [Watch Now]
  • Croatia’s most planted wine grape: Graševina (Welschriesling), ft. Enjingi, Kutjevo, Galić, and Vina Belje   [Watch Now]
  • Babić, Dalmatian red grape and cousin of Plavac Mali, ft. Piližota, Vinoplod, Zlatan Otok, and Birin   [Watch Now]
  • Rudežuša from Imotski in mainland Dalmatia, ft. Jerković Mračaj   [Watch Now]
  • Śipun’s Sansigot (aka Sušćan) from the Kvarner region   [Watch Now]
  • Matela Crljenak Kaštelanski (aka Tribidrag)   [Watch Now]
  • Croatian autochthonous white wine grapes: Kujundžuša, Grk, Malvazija Istarska, Pošip, Debit ft. Jerković, Zure, Meneghetti, Degara, and Bibich   [Watch Now]
  • Classic American Zinfandel versus the original Zinfandel, ft. Zlatan Otok Crljenak   [Watch Now]
  • Zlahtina, white wine grape from the Kvarner wine region in Croatia, ft. Katunar and PZ Gospoja   [Watch Now]
  • Indigenous grapes (Prč and Plavac Mali) and varietal wines from the Hvar island in South Dalmatia, ft. Vujnović, PZ Svirče, Carić, Tomić   [Watch Now]
  • Indigenous Dalmatian grapes—Bogdanuša, Darnekuša, Plavac Mali, and Prč—at Carić winery on the island of Hvar, South Dalmatia   [Watch Now]
  • Grk, a rare Croatian white grape from the Lumbarda town on the eastern tip of Korčula island, ft. Bire Grk   [Watch Now]

Videos about Croatia’s flagship red grape, Plavac Mali

  • Tasting video: Plavac Mali from Saints Hills Winery   [Watch Now]
  • Tasting video: Stina Plavac Mali Majstor and Stina Plavac Mali Barrique   [Watch Now]
  • Plavac Mali from the Vis island of Croatia, ft. Senjanović Plavac Tihe Braće   [Watch Now]
  • Thoughts on Plavac Mali, ft. Markus, Miloš, and Rozič   [Watch Now]
  • Plavac Mali, the offspring of Dobričić and Tribidrag, ft. Markus Dingač, Stina Plavac Mali Majestor, and Miloš Stagnum   [Watch Now]
  • First taste of Croatian Plavac Mali, ft. Vina Tomic Plavac   [Watch Now]
  • Plavac Mali wines from Pelješac Peninsula  [Watch Now]
  • A look at the vineyards of Dingač, Croatia’s first appellation and exclusive to the growth of Plavc Mali   [Watch Now]

Videos about the wine regions of Croatia

  • Wine recommendations for Slavonia, ft. wineries Galić, Adžić, Sontacchi, Krauthaker,  and Enjingi [Watch Now]
  • Fine Croatian wine from the Pleševica wine region [Watch Now]
  • Slavonia, a gem for Croatian wine   [Watch Now]
  • A look at Plešivica wine region in Croatia   [Watch Now]
  • Vineyards and bush vines on the island of Hvar, South Dalmatia   [Watch Now]
  • Babić grown in the (UNESCO-shortlisted) Bucavac Vineyard, near the town of Primošten   [Watch Now]
  • Wine travel in Ilok (Slavonia and The Danube wine region)   [Watch Now]
  • Impressions of Ilok (Slavonia and The Danube wine region)   [Watch Now]


  • Interview with Moreno Coronica of Coronica Winery (Istria)   [Watch Now]
  • Interview with Bruno Trapan of Trapan Winery (Istria)   [Watch Now]
  • Interview with Ivan Miloš of Vinarija Miloš—the winery that created the first cult wine of Croatia   [Watch Now]
  • Interview with Domagoj Buhać of Ivan Buhać winery in Ilok (Slavonia and The Danube wine region) [Watch Now]
  • War and wine at Iločki Podrumi (Slavonia and The Danube wine region)   [Watch Now]


Step 3: Shop at our web store stocked full of exciting Croatian wines.