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Sipping Santa Barbara - Recommended Wines and Producers - Book Cover


About Sipping Santa Barbara

Visiting a wine region for the first time is exciting but can also be a daunting experience. It can be challenging to remember and make sense of the appellations, geographical characteristics, soil types, and climate differences. On top of that, wine lovers need to consider how to spend their limited amount of time sifting through the many producers and wines.

This book is meant to be an introduction to the wines of Santa Barbara County. It will provide the pertinent information to maximize your time in the County. Through this book, the readers will be armed with information to get them started on exploring the wines and identify the types of wines that they might enjoy. From there, they’ll be able to branch out on their own and create their personal wine adventure.

What You Will Learn

  • An introduction to Santa Barbara County, including the history, region’s layout, climatic and geographical features, wine grape varieties planted, and the who’s who.
  • Impressions of wineries: A summary of more than 50 top wineries, house styles, contact details, and Google Maps geolocations.
  • Restaurants and wine bars: Over 20 recommendations on where to eat and drink.
  • Wine recommendations: Specific producers and wines to try, along with tasting notes.


Antonio and Jeni Moretti are the proprietors of Moretti Wine Co. and the wine shop called Taste of Sta. Rita Hills, which doubles up as a tasting room for the winery. A visit to their wine shop is a real treat as Antonio and Jeni are passionate about sharing their wine knowledge. Also, the shop offers a wide selection of wines by the glass and most of these wines are from elusive wineries that don’t have a tasting room or are hard to make an appointment with. We recommend that you make this place one of your first stops in Santa Barbara County in order to receive a personal orientation to the wines from here!

Thanks to Antonio and Jeni who have shown tremendous support for this book, Taste of Sta Rita Hills will be offering a free tasting for one person with every copy of Sipping Santa Barbara purchased. Please show your book to claim this gift.


wes hagen

Charine and Matthew have captured Santa Barbara Wine Culture with passion and aplomb, making recommendations that are amazingly sympatico with my local favorites. As a Santa Barbara winemaker since 1994, I offer enthusiastic praise for ‘Sipping Santa Barbara’ and would offer it to friends and family as a one-stop guide for planning and executing an amazing trip to one of the most underrated and bucolic wine regions on planet earth. If this publication doesn’t get you fired up for a trip to our Wine Country, nothing will!

Wes Hagen
Winemaker & Raconteur / J. Wilkes Wines, Santa Maria, CA
matthew kaner

Being from Santa Barbara, I have a lot to say when the topic of Santa Barbara wine producers comes up in conversation. Sipping Santa Barbara is going to be the primary source document I recommend everyone pick up when desiring to learn more about Santa Barbara Wine Country. From the formative producers to the most important newcomers, Charine Tan & Dr. Matthew Horkey paint a full picture of the diverse winegrowing that happens from the Southern tip to the Northern most point of Santa Barbara County.

Matthew Kaner
Wine Director & President / Will Travel For Wine, INC // Covell Wine Bar // Augustine Wine Bar // Dead or Alive Bar // AM/FM Wines // Good Measure

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With a single purchase, you will receive the book in three formats, plus a free tasting at Taste of Sta Rita Hills!

  • EPUB: Compatible with Android, iPhone, NOOK, PC, Mac, Sony Reader, and other eReaders.
  • MOBI: Compatible with Kindle devices.
  • PDF: Compatible with iPhone, Kindle, PC, and Mac.


Sipping Santa Barbara: Recommended Wines and Producers – Book Trailer

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