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In anticipation of our upcoming book entitled Cracking Croatian Wines, we’ve teamed up with the good folks at Wine & More to offer you some of our favorite Croatian wines. We’ve purchased wines from Wine & More and sent cases of wines from Croatia to other EU countries. The entire experience was effortless and based on this personal experience, we are able to recommend this provider to you with confidence. Currently, Wine & More offers EU-wide delivery. This product page is meant to spotlight a small selection of wines and we encourage you to browse through Wine & More’s extensive collection. If you need further guidance on which wines to pick, please feel free to contact us.


Fun & Delicious

Adžić Graševina 2016

Adžić Graševina

2016 | €9.99

Krajančić Pošip Intrada 2015

Krajančić Pošip

Intrada 2015 | €13.99 

Markus Rose 2015

Markus Rose

2015 | €12.99

Miloš Plavac 2013

Miloš Plavac

2013 | €9.49


For the Connoisseurs

Bire Grk 2016Bire Grk

2016 | €21.99


Tomac Amphora Brut NatureTomac Amphora Brut

Nature | €37.99

Grgić Plavac mali 2013Grgić Plavac Mali

2013 | €29.99

Clai Ottocento red 2013Clai Ottocento Red

2013 | €20.99


For the Adventurous Palates

Clai Malvazija Sv. Jakov 2013

Clai Malvazija Sv.

Jakov 2013 | €22.99



Ivančić Griffin Dark Side

Ivančić Griffin Dark

Side | €24.99

Vinarija Dingač Dingač 2010

Vinarija Dingač Dingač

2010 | €15.99

Damjanić Clemente 2012

Damjanić Clemente

2012 | €17.99

Can’t Decide? Check Out the Special Case Selection!

croatian wine special case wine



Please note that these recommendations are made fully based on what we appreciate/have found value in, and we believe you would too. We offer no preferential treatment to any product. Some of these products/services are set up through affiliate programs, which means Exotic Wine Travel gets referral credits if you purchase these items.