Tikveš Barovo: World Class Wine from Macedonia

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During Yugoslavia time, Macedonia was a major producer of wine as it accounted for around two-third of the wine production in Yugoslavia. Today, Macedonia has around 33,500 hectares of vineyards area, with 70% of the grapes being used to produce 120 million liters of wine every year—more than half of the production is sold as bulk wine.

tikves cellar macedonian wine
Walking past a long line of oak vats before arriving at the tasting room of Tikveš winery.

The Tikveš winery is the biggest wine producer in Macedonia and south-eastern Europe. Established in 1885, the Tikveš winery is named after a wine district of the same name. The winery produces over 20 million liters of wine every year. In 2010, the Tikveš winery started releasing premium single-vineyard wines. Barovo is a small, completely abandoned village in southern Macedonia—a common sight in the country as many people leave the countryside to look for jobs in the city or in other countries.


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Tikveš Barovo 2012

Tikveš Barovo 2012

Robert Parker scored a barrel sample of this at 91-93 points.  The Tikveš winery is one of the only two wineries in the whole of ex-Yugoslavia that have received scores from Wine Advocate.

The Tikveš Barovo 2012 is a  blend of 65% Kratošija and 35% Vranec. Kratošija is actually Crljenak Kaštelanksi from Croatia, and Crljenak Kaštelanksi is actually Primitivo and Zinfandel. Vranec is indigenous to Montenegro but 80-90% of its plantings are found in Macedonia. Its name translates to “black stallion”, which is in reference to the grape’s wildness and high acidity; winemakers always say they must tame this beast of a grape.

This tastes a lot like a wilder Ridge Lytton Springs (Zinfandel-based wine from California), which is a good thing. Rich texture, prominent minerality, and suitable acidity. People who like big, fruit-forward wines will really enjoy this. This is the epitome of Macedonian wine—unique flavors and intense aromas packed behind a richly coloured facade.

The Tikveš Barovo is available in the USA at around 15 to 20 dollars. This is a steal and can be a major talking point at a dinner party.

Ivana Simjanovska: Macedonian Wine Expert

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