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Esu Carbonia Miniera Sardegna Carignano Sulcis

Esu Carbonia, ‘Nero Miniera’ Carignano del Sulcis

Reading Time: Carignan was at one time, one of the most planted red grapes in the world. This underappreciated variety ...
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Greek wine alpha estate

Alpha Estate: Greek Wine With Style

Reading Time: Over ten years ago, I had my first Greek wine, an Alpha Estate, 'Hedgehog' Xinomavro. It captivated my ...
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capezzana carmignano sangiovese cabernet sauvignon tuscany

Capezzana Carmignano – The Original Super Tuscan?

Reading Time: I love Sangiovese, period... It doesn't matter if the wine stands on its own or if it's a ...
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Torre bisenzio italian wine umbria

Torre Bisenzio

Reading Time: It's no surprise that we love Italian wine, from all parts of the country. In recent years, I've ...
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il conventino vino nobile di montepulciano sangiovese tuscany

Il Conventino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Reading Time: Some grapes just speak to you. For me, that grape is Sangiovese. I love it in all forms, ...
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Quinta Varzea da Pedra

Quinta Varzea da Pedra

Reading Time: Quinta Varzea da Pedra is one of my favorite discoveries of 2020. Every year, I taste thousands of ...
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