Royal Tokaji Szamorodni

Reading Time: 2017 is the inaugural vintage of Royal Tokaji's Szamorodni as a staple of the winery's portfolio. Before that, the winery had released a 2008 dry Szamorodni as part of its limited-edition "By Appointment" range. "Over the past years increasing international demand and limited production have pushed the prices of

Moldovan Wine: Why It Matters and Why You Should Drink It

Moldovan Wine Guide Introduction

Reading Time: Here are a few things you should know about Moldova as a wine country. First, wine is constitutionally recognized as food. In March 2017, the Parliament of Moldova declared wine as a food product. The new law allows wine to be sold in shops after 22:00; advertising wine

EWT Insider: A Wine Lover’s Guide to Budapest

city guide budapest wine lover gastronomy

Reading Time: "EWT Insider" is meant to be a practical guide for gastronomy travelers. We’ll continue to update this page with every new visit to Budapest, so consider it a work in progress. This guide, compiled over six weeks in and around Budapest, is packed with information about where and