Zidarich: Soulful Italian Wine from the Carso

Zidarich Italian wine carso

Reading Time: The stretch of land along the North Adriatic coast is one of the most soulful areas I've traveled through. The area includes the Croatian & Slovenian portions of Istria, runs through Italy. Carso is a small strip of land that hugs the sea and surrounds Trieste, Italy. It's

Slovenian White Wine Part 2: Spotlight on Goriška Brda

Slovenian White Wine Goriska Brda

Reading Time: Of all the wine districts in Slovenia, few are held in such high regard as Goriška Brda. Goriška Brda (or Brda for short) is a district in Slovenia's Primorska region. Brda is basically an extension of Italy's Collio DOCG. It actually could be considered the other way