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Cracking Croatian Wine In Pag & Zadar

Cracking Croatian Wine Underwater wine Cellar

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In the Spring of 2018, we set out on a re-tour of Croatia to bring our book Cracking Croatian Wine: A Visitor Friendly-Guide to life. There was so much to share about Dalmatia that we ended up shooting five episodes on the region. This is the first episode about Dalmatia.

Pag & Zadar: Dalmatia

Pag & Zadar are on the northern reaches of Dalmatia. It’s not an area that is as well-renowned for wine as southern and central Dalmatia. That doesn’t mean that you should forget about the region – two of Croatia’s best red wines are made in this area. The island of Pag also has one of Croatia’s finest restaurants and is home to the underwater wine cellar of Coral Wines.

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Timestamps: Cracking Croatian Wine in Pag & Zadar

(1:09) Discover the moon-like landscape of Pag Island.

(1:45) Meet Boris Šuljič of Boškinac Hotel & Winery. Boris makes one of our favorite Croatian red wines: the Boškinac Cuvée, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

(4:07) Check out what dinner looks like at Boškinac Hotel & Winery. It was a place that the late-Anthony Bourdain visited on his previous show, No Reservations. Boškinac isn’t just another gastronomy venue that we love in Croatia; it is one of our favorite gastronomy venues in the world. Here you’ll find some of the finest Pag food products, the freshest Adriatic seafood cooked in the most refined way, the famous Pag lamb prepared in an innovative fashion, and–of course–some of the best wines in Croatia.

(7:10) Meet Gino and Jadranka of G&J Vina in Zadar. Gino is a romantic that worked for many years in Monte Carlo, where he became a fan of red Bordeaux. Today he produces one of Croatia’s cult red wines.

(9:22) Meet Marko Dušević of Coral Wines. He has made waves in the local wine scene with his sea aged wine. Before we visit the cellar, he invites us to his home to try some traditional, home-cooked, Croatian dishes.

(11:01) We head to the Taraca Grill for a Pag specialty. Lamb roasted on a spitfire.

(11:47) Marko takes us to the underwater wine cellar of Coral Wines and explains why he started the project.

(13:02) Find out what the same wine from the same vintage tastes like aged in the sea vs aged in the cellar.

(14:35) Finally, we pull a cage of sea aged wine out from the Coral Wines underwater wine cellar.

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Cracking Croatian Wine A Visitor Friendly Guide

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