Cracking Croatian Wine In Istria (Part 1/4)

Cracking Croatian Wine in Istria Motovun Buje

Reading Time: In the Spring of 2018, we set out on a re-tour of Croatia to bring our book Cracking Croatian Wine: A Visitor Friendly-Guide to life. After Plešivica, our second stop was the Istria wine region. There was so much to share about Istria that we ended up shooting four episodes there. In

Cracking Croatian Wine in Plešivica

cracking croatian wine in plesivica

Reading Time: In the Spring of 2018, we set out on a re-tour of Croatia to bring our book Cracking Croatian Wine: A Visitor Friendly-Guide to life. Our first stop on this journey was Plešivica. It's a wine region that delivers some of the best Croatian wines but somehow still receives

The Three Faces of Grk Wine

grk croatian wine korcula lumbarda

Reading Time: In the Lumbarda town on the eastern tip of Korčula island, a few hectares of vines are producing one of the most valued wines in Croatia. These vines are categorized as "almost endangered" by the State Institute for Nature Protection. The vines are of the indigenous Grk variety.   Grk:

Making Cracking Croatian Wine

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Reading Time: How do you approach a wine country that you are unfamiliar with? With respect, curiosity, enthusiasm, openness, and---above all else---love for the place and its people. This is a narrative of how we ended up writing a book about Croatian wine.   THE BEGINNING In 2016, before we went on a three-month,

Buyer’s Guide: Croatian Wines in the USA

croatian wines available in usa

Reading Time: Good news for Croatian wine lovers and wine geeks residing in the USA. The Wine & More, Croatia's leading wine webshop, has just unveiled a mighty new limp. Adding to their EU-wide shipping, The Wine & More has succeeded in making Croatian wines more accessible by introducing US home