The Dingač Wine of Boris M. Violić

winemaker boris matusko violic

Reading Time: To understand the world around us and our place in it, we'll require much willingness to venture beyond our existing beliefs constantly. When we recognize that a belief we've established in the past was – in fact – a choice, we begin to see ourselves as active creators of new

Plavac Mali: A Little Blue Goes A Long Way

Plavac Mali Buying Guide

Reading Time: In celebration of International Plavac Mali Day, Charine Tan, co-author of the award-winning wine travel guidebook “Cracking Croatian Wine”, creates a buying guide to help you navigate the exciting world of Croatia's flagship red wine. To learn more about International Plavac Mali Day, follow its Facebook page. A Mediterranean

Pošip: A Croatian Wine Star

Croatian wine posip

Reading Time: Standing out amongst 140 local grapes is no small feat. That's what makes the Croatian wine grape Pošip so exciting. Pošip (in addition to Grk) may be my favorite Croatian white grape. A recent blind tasting of Pošip further reinforced my belief in this Croatian variety. Pošip: Croatian White