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Millésima Blog Awards 2020: Can You Help Matt?

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*** UPDATE ***

The voting period has ended and Matt has won the public vote and became the sixth and final winner of the Millésima Blog Awards 2020. Thanks to all that voted and stay tuned to the Exotic Wine Travel YouTube channel for a VLOG on the week in Bordeaux!

Exotic Wine Travel has made it to the final round of the Millésima Blog Awards 2020. Could you help me cross the finish line?

Last year, I was a finalist of Millésima Blog Awards 2019. This year, I submitted my work again and was chosen as one of the 25 finalists spread across five categories in the Millésima Blog Awards 2020. A panel of judges chose five winners from the finalists, which were announced a few days ago.

I am happy to say that my friend Paul Caputo, was named the winner of the Wine Reporter Award Category. It was a fine article and well deserving. There is no time to be disappointed because there is new life for me, the sixth winner of Millésima Blog Awards 2020 will be selected by public vote. The voting period is now and ends Monday, 10 February 2020 at 11:59 pm (Central European Time), 5:59 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Vote for the 6th Winner of the Millésima Blog Awards 2020

My article in the “Wine Reporter” category is “German Pinot Noir: Is It Worth The Hype?” It is a summary of my one month trip through German wine regions in search of fine Pinot Noir. In true reporting fashion, it is a 100% independent as I covered my own transportation, accommodation, and visits for the article.

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  • Scroll down to the WINE REPORTER AWARD
  • Click on Matt HORKEY
  • Enter your details at the top of the page and click SUBMIT VOTE
  • You can opt for Millésima to never contact you
  • Millésima will hold a drawing and give away three $100 vouchers. All those who vote will be in the running for this prize
You can also click on the photo above to reach the voting page

You can read my article German Pinot Noir: Is It Worth The Hype? by clicking the title or View Post on the Millésima voting page under my name.

If I win, you can expect coverage of Bordeaux on our site and social media channels. Thanks for taking the time to vote and more importantly, thanks for trusting us to bring you information about unique and exciting wines. There’s plenty more to come in 2020, so be sure to follow us here on the site or on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram.

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