The Story of Exotic Wine Travel After 20 Months On The Road

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We weren't always on the road full-time and we weren't always writers. Life was going pretty well a few years ago. Charine was progressing well as a professional in business research and I had an extremely busy Chiropractic practice, both in Singapore. In the Spring of 2015, we left our careers, family,

Travel Lessons: From Quitting a Lucrative Career to Chasing a Dream

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(Reading Time: ) Seven months have now passed since Charine and I both left our very lucrative jobs in Singapore to travel around the world. We left a comfortable life to chase our dream of building a location-independent business, to live all over the world, to experience diverse cultures, to eat

Why Do You Want To Travel?

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Reading Time: When I read the article about Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger who left their advertising jobs and now fund their world travels by cleaning toilets, I asked Matt, "Why do you want to travel?" While I believe that travel can be inherently valuable—and I admire the couple's determination and fortitude—I

Put More Life Into Your Work

(Reading Time: ) "... you learn better in an environment where you're given the permission to connect to yourself, so that means creating your work and living your life along with your own values, instead of according to somebody else's script. And finally, learning with people from different nationalities, age groups,