Exotic Wine Travel’s 18 Wines of 2018


Reading Time: What a year. 2018 marked our fourth year as location-independent entrepreneurs and our third year in the wine industry. While the first two years seemed like a constant struggle for acceptance into this new world, 2018 was dancing to a different tune---we felt welcomed and appreciated for much

An Evening With The Liber Pater 2009

Liber Pater

Reading Time: It's not often that you enjoy a 4,000 Euro bottle of wine. Liber Pater is one of the most controversial and expensive Bordeaux red wines in the world. The winery is located in the Graves AOC, within the left bank of Bordeaux. Winemaker Loic Pasquet wanted to re-create the

Romanian Wine From Drăgăşani

Dragasani Vineyards

Reading Time: For a long time, we've been a little prejudiced about Romanian wines. Last year, we attended a masterclass lead by a Romanian sommelier working in London. He presented what he believed were the finest examples of Romanian wine. While some of the wines were good, I walked away