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In The Street: Wine Photography

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“In the Street” is a new feature on our website where we share wine- and wine tourism- related Instagram updates that we love. Last week, we explored many places of Santa Barbara in a two-part series: Part 1, Part 2.  This week, instead of popping back into the street and checking out the wine scene of a specific wine region, we gather 20 Instagram photos for some quick tips and tricks on how to “pair” your favorite wine or wine bottle, so that you too can achieve that awesome shot of photography missile to ignite a storm of “likes”.

Most importantly, Exotic Wine Travel is ultimately about savoring wine, meeting open-hearted wine lovers, and sharing personal stories, so we’d encourage you to follow these movers and shakers on Instagram.

1.  Pair your wine with movements.

2.  Pair it with its peers for the ultimate #wefie.

3.  Pair it with a visual pun.

4.  Pair it with a drop of effort.

5.  Pair it with your pet.

6.  Pair it with flowers.

7. Pair it with your favorite show.

8. Pair it with the flow.

9.  Pair it with its own reflection.

10.  Pair it with a stem.

11.  Pair it with natural light.

12.  Pair it with a spectacular view.

13.  Pair it with a fireplace.

14.  Pair it with a pair of nicely manicured hands.

15.  Pair it with the season.

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Snowman prefers Krug Magnums.

A post shared by Tân Hùynh (@crudopdx) on

16.  Pair it with the latest It tool.

17. Pair it with a stunning mood board.

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Rosé Season is here! #hazelfern #winelife #winterrosé

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18.  Pair it with a book.

19.   Pair it with the proprietor.

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#mogorbadan This is a beauty that takes a while to open up. Undisclosed blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot estate grapes. Made by a true romantic Mrs Natalia Badan who is originally from Switzerland with roots in France. This smells and tastes lmore like a masculine single-vineyard Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills at first, which is nice yet weirdly upsetting. After about 30 minutes of aeration, this wine gains a lot of texture and body. The red cherry fades and the wine gains more tart dark fruit characteristic. The white pepper becomes more prominent. The caramel disappears and more earth, more violet, and more pencil lead notes show up. Sandy tannins and bright fruit flavors suggest high potential for aging. Ready to drink now but definitely sexier in 5 years.

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20.  And of course, pair it with the most photogenic food.

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