Blind Tasting Barolo From Castiglione Falletto

Brovia Villero Barolo

Reading Time: Wine geeks are funny people. Getting several of them in a room and conversations instantly revolve around the tiny intricacies of fermented grape juice. To a casual observer, the sight of ten people sniffing wine glasses quietly around a bottle wrapped in tin foil has to be entertaining. Getting

Barbaresco: People of the Vine

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Reading Time: “Dedicato a Papa” was written on every single barrel in the cellar. “I dedicate everything to my father,” said Ornella Pelissero from Pasquale Pelissero winery. When I saw those inscriptions on the oak barrels, tears flowed from my eyes. The emotion in the room was palpable. It was

Barolo: Good Wine, Good Food, Good People

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(Reading Time: ) “Good wine, good food, good people.” That’s the way La Giolitta Bed & Breakfast's owner and our host Daniella describes her hometown Barolo and other places she enjoys traveling to. It sounds like a great way to measure a place. There could be worse parameters. Any place where