Furmint Forum 2017 in Košice, Slovakia

The Furmint Forum Tokaj Slovakia

Reading Time: The Slovak-Hungarian relation may not be the best, and the fact that the historic wine region of Tokaj is shared by both countries doesn't aid the relation either. A small group of people is working to tackle all that through wine. In December 2017, we took part in the

Hungarian Wine From Eger: Bull’s Blood and Beyond

Hungarian Wine Eger Bull's Blood Bikaver

Reading Time: When we started our Exotic Wine Travel YouTube channel, one of the first wines reviewed was an inexpensive Bull's Blood (Bikavér) from Egervin Winery. It is a decent wine, but far from impressive. After posting the video, we received comments from several Hungarians urging us to try higher

Exotic Wine Travel’s 17 Wines of 2017

Exotic Wine Travel Best Wines 2017

Reading Time: 2017 marked the third year of our location-independent lifestyle and the second year of our wine career. It was a momentous year for us---in the span of 12 months, we authored and published our second and third wine book Sipping Santa Barbara and Cracking Croatian Wine, traveled to seven countries, and tasted