Lost in The Moment or Lose the Moment?

Travel Photography

(Reading Time: ) Why am I taking all these photos? For memories? Just so I can look at them and remember the trips? Why not just be in the moment? By attempting to capture it forever, am I missing the actual thing? Or am I subconsciously mucking about in the choose-your-favorite-filter vanity

The Start of Something New

travel learn earn book launch singapore

(Reading Time: ) I cannot believe that it is all over… After nearly six years of practicing chiropractic in Southeast Asia, I chose to move on. Move on from what though? Things were going fantastic. I had a big and successful practice, great friends, a great relationship with Charine, and a handsome

Put More Life Into Your Work

(Reading Time: ) "... you learn better in an environment where you're given the permission to connect to yourself, so that means creating your work and living your life along with your own values, instead of according to somebody else's script. And finally, learning with people from different nationalities, age groups,

Nurturing the Abundance Mindset through Travel

Reading Time: While the term “growth mindset” has gained traction in the business world, we can also refer to it as self-efficacy or abundance. For the sake of this conversation, we will use "abundance". Abundance is a mindset which, like a muscle, can be strengthened overtime through effort and experience.