The Magic of Malvasia di Bosa

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Reading Time: Can a wine aged under a layer of gunk be good? Wines aged under this 'gunk' known as Flor have existed in the Mediterranean basin for centuries. Flor is a thin layer of yeast that protects wine from contact with the air. This results in wines with unique

Istrian Wine Continues to Rise

Croatian Wine Istrian Wine Vinistra

Reading Time: Istria is a heart-shaped peninsula that sits at the top of the Adriatic Sea. Most of the peninsula sits within Croatian borders although there are small parts are in Slovenia and Italy. The region has often been dubbed "The New Tuscany" for its hilltop towns, Italian-influenced cuisine, and

Grand Cro Croatian Wine: 16 Wines Worth Trying

Croatian Wine Grand Cro Trip

Reading Time: It's time to give Croatian wine a look. With four major wine regions, true Mediterranean and Continental climates, and over a hundred indigenous varieties the country is poised to make a splash on the world market. Now the country needs to focus on promotion - enter the first