Negroamaro Stories: Italian Rosato and More

Museo Negroamaro

Reading Time: Are you in the mood for some 'black bitter'? Negroamaro is the darling grape of Salento, which makes up the heel of Italy down south in Puglia. The grape's name translates to black (negro) and bitter (amaro). It's a grape that Charine and I are familiar with. During

South Italian Wines at Radici del Sud

San Marzano Edda 1

Reading Time: In the summer of 2018, we attended the 25th annual Radici del Sud held in Puglia, Italy. The media program consisted of a wine competition, walkabout tasting, and a series of field trips. You can check out the events in the videos below.   Radici del Sud: Roots of the South   Exotic