Slovenian White Wine Part 1

slovenian white wine part 1

Reading Time: Thank goodness for Slovenian white wine. This tiny country located is located on the north coast of the Adriatic Sea. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in wine quality. Around 70% of Slovenia's production is white wine. I use the term white wine loosely because

Rebula: Slovenian Wine’s Flagship Variety?

Reading Time: Is it Slovenian, is it Italian? Ribolla Gialla or Rebula? The answer might not be so clear cut. Ribolla Gialla is commonly accepted as an Italian variety but Slovenia isn't willing to throw in the towel just yet. There are approximately 700 hectares of Rebula in Western Slovenia and

Exotic Wine Travel’s 18 Wines of 2018


Reading Time: What a year. 2018 marked our fourth year as location-independent entrepreneurs and our third year in the wine industry. While the first two years seemed like a constant struggle for acceptance into this new world, 2018 was dancing to a different tune---we felt welcomed and appreciated for much

Slovenian Wine: Rebula from Vipava Valley

Rebula Vipava Valley

Reading Time: "If you like odd grape, then this is something for you. You would either love it or hate it." That was our introduction to Ribolla Gialla. We were at an Italian restaurant in Yerevan, and our friend suggested that we order a bottle of yellow wine (gialla means yellow

Premiere Napa Valley 2018: Our Favorites

Opus One

Reading Time: In February 2018, Charine and I participated in the Wine Writer's Symposium in addition to Premiere Napa Valley 2018. We flew from Zagreb, Croatia to Detroit, MI to spend a little time with my family. We then chose to drive across I-80 from Michigan to Napa Valley in