Gut Hermannsberg

gut hermannsberg

Reading Time: I love German Riesling and my go-to region is the Nahe. A drive through the small, winding roads of the Nahe gives way to vineyards that are as step and impressive as those in the Mosel and the Rheingau. Oberhausen is located at a small bend of the

Big German Wines From The Pfalz

Von Winning Cellar Pfalz

Reading Time: Charine has long raved about the big-bodied Riesling from the Pfalz while I haven't always share her enthusiasm. We recently spent several days visiting cellars in the region. After seeing the region first hand, would I change my mind? The Pfalz: A Dynamic German Wine Region The Pfalz is

Dynamic Rheinhessen


Reading Time: There was a time when sweet Liebfraumilch and cheap, bulk wine symbolized the Rheinhessen. Today things are different. The Rheinhessen may be Germany's most dynamic wine region. It's home to some of the most prestigious German wines, like the Keller G-Max Riesling. It is also home to some

Fine German Riesling From The Nahe

Nahe Riesling German Wine Niedherhauser Hermannshohle

Reading Time: "We're old-school," says Caroline Diel as she hands me a bottle of her hand-disgorged sparkler made from Riesling. That's the feeling I get visiting the producers in the Nahe. Even though the region is an hour's drive from Frankfurt, the producers here live in their own world. And