Furmint Forum 2017 in Košice, Slovakia

The Furmint Forum Tokaj Slovakia

Reading Time: The Slovak-Hungarian relation may not be the best, and the fact that the historic wine region of Tokaj is shared by both countries doesn't aid the relation either. A small group of people is working to tackle all that through wine. In December 2017, we took part in the

Nenad Trifunović: Connecting Taste with Heart

nenad trifunovic croatian wine

Reading Time: Nenad Trifunović is the blogger behind vinopija.com, a leading Croatian wine blog. In the winter of 2016, Nenad was introduced to us as “the blogger guy”. Right after meeting him, we proceeded to a tasting of Georgian qvevri wine. That was when we quickly noticed Nenad’s fiercely independent and sharp

Understanding Croatian Wine with Cliff Rames

Reading Time: Based in New York City, Cliff Rames is a freelance writer and sommelier. We first heard about him in an episode of Wine Library TV many years ago. Between 2016 and 2017, we spent eight months traveling through Croatia and tasted thousands of wines in preparation for our