Hanging With The Douro Boys

douro boys auction 2019

Reading Time: I can't get enough of the Douro. Located in northern Portugal, the Douro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Douro meanders through the mountains, making this an unforgiving environment to grow grapes. There are steeply terraced vineyards as far as the eye can see. In my opinion, it

Exotic Wine Travel’s 18 Wines of 2018


Reading Time: What a year. 2018 marked our fourth year as location-independent entrepreneurs and our third year in the wine industry. While the first two years seemed like a constant struggle for acceptance into this new world, 2018 was dancing to a different tune---we felt welcomed and appreciated for much

Portuguese Wine: Ten Wines From The Douro

The Douro Portuguese Wine

Reading Time: We were recently invited by the AEVP to taste the declared 2016 vintage of Port and participate in the annual Port Wine Days in the Douro. Most people associate the city of Porto, Portugal with the rich, hedonistic sweet wine known as Port. There is more to Portuguese