How to Promote Wine Tourism and Wines of Lesser Known Regions

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Reading Time: On 7 August 2017, we were invited to lead a one-hour panel discussion at Twitter’s #winemktmonday. In this article, we've stitched all our responses together as coherent answers and added defined contexts and examples to them. We choose against sharing the original transcript due to Twitter's 140-character limitation—which

Armenian Wines: One Year Later

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Reading Time: To learn more about the wines from Armenia or the Caucasus, check out our book on Amazon. From now until 30 April 2017, 50% of the proceeds from our Amazon store will be donated to Armenia Tree Project. It's been over a year since we made our first trip

Saperavi: Georgia’s Flagship Red Wine Grape

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Reading Time: Exploring Georgia through the Vines While several countries  may have evidence for being the birthplace of grape wine, Georgia is the most outspoken about it. Some historians and linguists believe that "gvino/ღვინო", the Georgian word for wine, is the precursor of vino, vin, wein, and wine. Scientists have found residue

Making #UncorkingTheCaucasus

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As part of our 2016 round-up series, here's a look back at some of our favorite interviews of the year and a recap of the most shared articles related to Uncorking the Caucasus: Wines from Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia. In sharing our interviews, we hope to show you a more intimate

An Introduction to Georgian Qvevri Wine in Zagreb

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Reading Time: For a listing of articles and videos on Georgian wine and other wines from the Caucasus region, check out our page Uncorking the Caucasus. To purchase the Kindle or paperback copy of the book Uncorking the Caucasus: Wines from Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia, please head to this Amazon product page. Georgia, the

Trendsetter: Sarah Abbott, Master of Wine


Reading Time: Sarah Abbott is a Master of Wine who comes from a food-loving family. After working in the IT software industry for several years, she decided to change her career trajectory and immerse in wine in 1996. Her first foray into wine was as a sales and marketing representative

Fine Turkish White Wine from Bozcaada


Reading Time: Bozcaada is a tiny Aegean island off the coast of Turkey. It used to belong to Greece and was known as Tenedos. Tenedos is reputed to be the hiding place for the Greek ships in the famous battle for Troy, which happened on the Turkish mainland about five

Voskevaz: A New Face in the Armenian Wine Scene

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Reading Time: While the history of winemaking in Armenia dates back to ancient time, its modern wine industry is still in its infancy stage. As of now, the two head honchos are the critically acclaimed  Zorah Winery and the goliath-sized Karas Winery, which has Michel Rolland as a lead consultant. The rest